9:30-10:00      Registration

10:00-10:15   Welcome and opening speeches

10:15-11:15  Panel 1: Innovative economy – how to invest and what to invest in?

  • People or machines? New challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the age of digitization and automation
  • Know how, technology, new distribution models, long-term cost advantage, opex or capex – what are the best areas for investment?
  • Largest foreign transactions and acquisitions – a convenient model for market access with a brand and local contacts?
  • What do investors prefer: innovation or rather sustainable growth? How much to invest in relation to revenue and profit to effectively develop a company?

11:15-11:45   Networking break

11:45-12:45   Panel 2: From a start-up to Fortune 500 – how to finance this rocky road

  • “One size doesn’t fit all” – optimum sources of funding at different stages of company development (seed capital, VC, PE, banks, stock market, public funding)
  • Most frequent mistakes made by companies in their financing strategies (debt, using home equity only, etc.)
  • How to finance the most innovative and risky projects without endangering the entire company?
  • Know how – proven techniques of supporting companies used by private equity funds.

12:45-13:45    Lunch

13:45-14:45   Panel 3: New business models in the age of technological revolution.

  • How new technologies force companies to redefine business models? Does every company today have to think and act like a technology company?
  • Systemic implementation of innovations in the organizational structures. Participation in the technology race vs business results.
  • New revolution – gigantic data explosion. How to avoid mistakes during implementation of big data and cybersecurity solutions.
  • Cloud computing vs innovation and business transformation in organizations.

14:45-15:00   Networking break

15:00-16:00  Panel 4: Polish companies on the global arena

  • How to prepare a company to operate on global markets? Where to look for opportunities and competitive advantages?
  • What determines the success on a global scale – strong brand, innovative product or maybe the size of home market?
  • Current perspectives for entrepreneurs in the area of acquiring capital for global development
  • Export credits, concessions and legal aspects. Optimal protection of the export process.

18:30-19:00   Welcome drink and registration for gala

19:00-20:00   „Investment Diamonds Gala”

20:00-24.00 Evening banquet
Concert of Anna Kostrzewska & Band