The Executive Club was created as an answer to the need for an exclusive organization which brings together only top management. The Club is a platform used for exchanging opinions, business experiences, and establishing connections for representatives of management of the highest level. Starting with 2005 the topics of cyclical meetings organized by the Club are the key issues for business. The speakers are prominent experts in their fields. After the official part there is an informal meeting where members have the opportunity to spend time in an exclusive company and establish business connections.

The main distinguishing mark of the Executive Club is its exclusiveness and selectiveness. On the basis of the knowledge and experiences gained we gathered a group of high class managers selected solely by recommendation and unique professional achievements. Each new Member is accepted by the Council of the Club. The direction of the Club’s activity is established by the Council of the Club and its members are eminent personages who are connected with the world of business and who make significant contribution into the development of our economy.



Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers associates 70 companies. We associate construction contractors, construction materials manufacturers, specialist design and geodetic companies, developers and others related to the construction industry. We are an organization expressing the community opinion on negotiations with the Government, the Parliament, Trade Unions and the EU structures. Our primary aim is to: provide opinions on legal provisions regarding construction and economic activity in the country; implement legal protection in proceedings regarding public procurement in tenders participated by our members; conduct specialist trainings and seminars for engineers, managers and employees of construction companies. We organize national and international conferences. We are involved as a coordinator and partner in various European projects concerning construction industry.