Polish Infrastructure & Construction

Meeting of industry leaders with an exceptional reputation on the market, which every year attracts the most important representatives of the sector. The jubilee edition will be an opportunity to discuss topics related to innovations that take over the construction market, new technologies in the service of infrastructure and dynamics of domestic transport investment development. The culmination of the conference will be ”Infrastructure and Construction Diamonds” Gala for the most outstanding entities in the industry.

Selected guests of previous editions:
Marek Chodkiewicz – Deputy Minister of Infrastructure
Tomasz Żuchowski – Acting General Director for National Roads and Motorways
Hubert Nowak – President, The Polish Public Procurement Office
dr Libor Lochman – Executive Director of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER)
Ulrich Paetzold – General Director of FIEC
Kamil Wilde – Vice President, Office Of Rail Transport
Włodzimierz Szymczak – former President of the European Council of Civil Engineers
Renata Kaznowska – Deputy Mayor of the City of Warsaw
Michał Olszewski – Deputy Mayor of the City of Warsaw
Bogdan Rzońca – Chairman of Comission for Infrastructure
Geoff Haley – founder and CEO of the International Project Finance Association

11th edition: February 2020