9:30-10:00    Registration

10:00-10:30    Welcome and opening speeches

10:30-11:30    Plenary session: The real estate market in Poland- an investor’s perspective

  • New routes of foreign capital inflow to Poland’s real estate market
  • The current real estate development trends. What makes a good investment?
  • Does the investment climate in Poland favor new ventures? Creating favorable financing options and mortgages.
  • Institutional investors and their expectations towards the real estate market.

11:30-12:00     Networking break

12:00-12:15     Case study

12:15-13:15     Panel 2:  Offices of the future

  • Technology for business. Proptech – digital revolution on the office space market
  • Managing the portfolios of large organizations. Trends pertaining to the letting of spaces to global organizations.
  • Green office certificates. Do they translate into the tenants’ satisfaction or are they a marketing stunt?
  • Intelligent and productive offices of the future. How office’s ergonomic space and interior design affect work efficiency and the employees involvement.

13:15-14:15    Lunch

14:15-15:15    Panel 3: The Retail industry and its challenges

  • E-commerce and the shopping malls: allies or foes?
  • The influence of Big Data on the industry- opportunities, and challenges. How the new technologies shape the retail sector?
  • New pricing opportunities in an era of the digital revolution: trends and challenges.
  • Revitalization, refurbishing or expansion? How to adjust to the market needs and increase the worth of commercial properties?

15:15-15:45     Networking break

15:45-16:45    Panel 4: The golden era of the Polish warehouse market

  • The growing need for modern storage spaces in an era of e-commerce. How to maintain the upward trend in the warehouse market?
  • Quality-certificates, lower costs of building usage and eco-friendly solutions: current trends in warehousing. What do the tenants require?
  • How do the digitization, robotics, and automation in the logistics industry influence the warehouse market?
  • A warehouse of the future – How to lower the costs of company operations through modern logistics solutions?

 16:45   Premium Real Estate Party