15:30-16:00    Registration

16:00-16:05    Welcome speech:
Beata Radomska – 
CEO of Executive Club
Prof. Michał Kleiber – Chairman of the Council of Executive Club, President of the Polish Academy of Sciences in the years 2007-2015

16:05-16:20    Official inauguration
Speech of a Special Guest- 
Sony Kapoor – Director of Re-Define think tank, CEO of Court Jesters Consulting

16:20-17:35    Opening Panel: Technological Horn of Plenty

  • Progressive digitization of business. Threat or opportunity for the growth of the society and economy?
  • Which branches of the economy have the highest potential in the next 10 years and which are doomed to fail?
  • What is Poland’s place in the technological race, and which branches of the Polish industry are the most susceptible to the changes  associated with progressive digitization and automation?
  • The influence of robotics on inequalities – how to solve the problem of moving balance from work to capital

Moderator: Prof. Piotr Płoszajski – Head of the Department of Management Theory, SGH Warsaw School of Economics

1. Zsolt Fekete – President of the Management Board, Algotech Polska
2. Tomasz Gościniak – Vice-president and General Director, MicroStrategy Poland
3. Sony Kapoor – Director of Re-Define think tank, CEO of Court Jesters Consulting
4. Marcin Lewandowski – Member of the Board, Grupa GPEC
5. Michał Sieczko – Senior Manager at Canon’s Professional Services Division, Canon Polska

17:35-18:00    Networking break

18:00-19:15    Panel 2: Sharing Economy

  • Sharing Economy – an idea, where „access” is more important than „ownership”
  • The transformation of economic models as we know them. The risk associated with collaborative and sharing economy. Which sectors are most vulnerable?
  • Can innovative sharing economy services affect economic growth? Potential for generating income through “share” system.
  • Real estate sector vs “new” economy. How will it affect the traditional real estate business?

Moderator: Prof. Witold Orłowski – Member of the National Development Council of the President of the Republic
of Poland, Rector of the Vistula Academy of Finance and Business

1. Władysław Grochowski – President of the Management Board, Arche Group
2. Maciej Panek – CEO and owner of the PANEK S.A. and UAB PANEK
3. Prof. Bolesław Rok – Deputy Director of Centre of Ethics in Business and Social Innovations
Kozminski University
4. Bartłomiej Zagrodnik – President of the Management Board, Walter Herz
5. Dariusz Żuk – Co-founder & CEO, Business Link Poland

19:15-20:30    Networking & Welcome Drink

20:30-21:30    European Leadership Awards ceremony

21:30-24:00    Evening reception


 9:30-10:00     Registration

10:00-10:30    Speech of a Special Guest:

Prof. Bernd Lucke – Professor of Economy, lecturer of University in Hamburg and the University of British Columbia

10:30-11:45     Panel 1: Sustainable growth in business

  • Profit not at all costs? How to maintain balance in striving for a maximum economic prosperity?
  • Sustainable development – the only way for future development of the company in the long-term perspective?
  • Health as the most important capital of society. Groundbreaking innovations in medicine and pharmacy as a guarantee of economic well-being.
  • Is it possible to use new technologies to have a positive effects on sustainable growth in business?

Moderator: Agaton Koziński – Editor, publicist, Polska The Times

1. Jean-André Barbosa – Executive Vice President Europe, Future Pipe Industries
2. Łukasz Czepiel – President of the Management Board, Pfizer Trading
3. Joanna Erdman – Vice-President of the Management Board, ING Bank Śląski S.A.
4. Prof. Michał Kleiber – Chairman of the EC Council, Vice-president of the European Academy of Sciences
and Arts, President of The European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences
5. Prof. Bernd Lucke – Professor of economy, lecturer of University in Hamburg and University of British Columbia

11:45-12:15     Networking break

12:15-12:45     Speech of a Special Guest

Prof. Santiago de la Cierva – Professor of IESE Business School, Founder and first Director of television agency Rome Reports

12:45-14:00    Panel 2: Visionary organizations

  • Pathway to greatness. What are the trademark traits of organizations that have succeeded and endured in the changing reality?
  • Intra-entrepreneurship – how to bring the small business flexibility to a large corporation? Can the grassroots leadership enhance entrepreneurial spirit?
  • Masters of transformation – innovation for productivity. How a small company can become a leader thanks to global networks and information technologies.
  • The innovation DNA in a company’s system. How to sustainably build the company’s ability to discover new business opportunities?

Moderator: Prof. Cezary Wójcik – Professor of leadership and economics, Founder and Director of the Center for Leadership

1. Prof. Santiago de la Cierva – Professor of IESE Business School
2. Anna Jakób – Member of the Board, Grupa GPEC
3. Piotr Paszczyk – President of the Management Board, APN Promise S.A.
4. Anna Poliszkiewicz, ACCA – Director, Vistra
5. Rafał Trusiewicz – President of the Management Board, Katharsis Development

14:00-15:00   Lunch

15:00-15:15    Speech of a Special Guest

Dr Paweł Urbański – Director, Warsaw University of Technology Business School

15:15-16:30     Panel 3: Impact of robotics and automation

  • Science for industry – Automation and robotics as the future of the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Development of technology and artificial intelligence – a threat to traditional business models?
  • Future of the job market and the required competencies – wherein people are still better at vs jobs that will disappear in the age of technological revolution
  • How should employees adjust to the job market of the future? How to appropriately train, develop competences, and requalify staff?

1. Krystyna Boczkowska – President of the Management Board, Robert Bosch
2. Piotr Czarnecki – President of the Management Board, Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.
3. Michał Kreczmar – Director, Digital Transformation, PwC Polska
4. Prof. Krzysztof Michalik – Head of the Artificial Intelligence Department at the Faculty of Information
Technology and Communication University of Economics in Katowice
5. Artur Pollak – President of the Management Board, APA Group
6. Dr Paweł Urbański – Director of Warsaw University of Technology Business School

16:45-19:00    Executive Banquet & Networking

                             Restaurant Pod Gigantami