European Executive Forum

Congress, which aim is a universal debate on the future of economy in the rapidly changing technological reality. Europe is undergoing giant changes related to the fourth industrial revolution, as well as digitalization and digitization. The event is dedicated to the international business environment, representatives of major universities as well as public administration. It is a unique platform gathering group of experts that, thanks to creative discussion, exchange of views and experiences, tries to set new paths of development in a dynamically changing economy.

Selected guests of previous editions:
Sony Kapoor – Director of Re-Define think tank, CEO of Court Jesters Consulting
prof. Timothy Garton Ash – Professor of European Studies in the University of Oxford
prof. Guy Standing – School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Eamon Gilmore – Former Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland
prof. Pedro Videla – IESE Business School
prof. Patric Barwise – London Business School
prof. Paddy Miller – IESE Business School, Barcelona
Giuliano Amato – former Prime Minister of Italy
José María Aznar – former Prime Minister of Spain
Pat Cox – President of the European Parliament from 2002 to 2004
Joschka Fischer – former Foreign Minister and as Vice Chancellor of Germany
Alfred Gusenbauer – former Chancellor of Austria
Horst Köhler – the President of Germany from 2004 to 2010
Ivan Mikloš – former Deputy Minister of Slovakia
prof. Charles Handy – Irish theoretician of management
Hermann Simon – Chairman of Simon-Kucher & Partners Strategy & Marketing Consultants

8th edition: April 2020